Jarrett asked if he could go out and jump on the trampoline and we have a rather relaxed morning schedule (nothing to do) so he was released to the outdoors! After about 15 minutes I got jealous and came outside to chill. As it turns out, it’s a beautiful day outside today! I’m sure it will get too warm to hang out on the back porch, but for now, I’m outside doing some website maintenance, Jet is jumping on the trampoline and the dogs are running around checking out stuff they’ve checked out a million times. I have to keep an eye on them in the corners of the yard though. I had to fill in some holes and put sod down to discourage future digging. Jet and I also planted some bamboo in one corner of the back yard and that’s the only corner Kilo can see the street out front so he likes to poke his head in there. Bad boy! 🙂

Jarret jumping on the trampoline while Kilo hanging out underneath it.

Just snapped a good pic of the boy in the air and Kilo hanging in the shade under the trampoline.

I’m really digging the new site. I took that pic from my phone and used the WordPress app to upload it to the post that I had already started and had saved itself as a draft. Easy. Pimp.

Ok, enough rambling. Have a ton of breast cancer news to post to http://ckf.me. Kilo needs to use the lappy to update his website (see links below).

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