I’ve been in the Internet industry for 25 years and this is only my 2nd website, albeit a fairly sad one. Back in 1998 I registered the domain hamptonin.com and developed my first page while I was attending technical classes in Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve managed to retain that site for posterity and is now available again at http://old.hamptonin.com. I’m sure there is lots broken, but you get the idea. In this modern world of technology, I’m now using WordPress. I never evolved into a web designer from that first site and WordPress makes putting a full featured content rich site together very easily. I hope you enjoy!

Just a quick blurb about myself. I’m now 45 years old at the time I’m updating this page (Jan 8, 2023). I live in Raleigh, NC with my beautiful wife. We met in San Diego in Nov 2017 and I quickly locked her in with a proposal the following month. In Feb 2018 she moved to Raleigh from Atlanta and we moved into our first condo together. We love Raleigh and living downtown.

My philanthropic passion is the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, 60 mile breast cancer walk. I initially got involved in the 3-Day through my 1st wife who lost her best friend, Kim, to breast cancer in 2008. A team was formed to participate in the event in October of 2008 and I supported the team by cheering them on, along with my son Jarrett. That year I was inspired to participate the following year and I walked my first 3-Day in 2009 in Tampa. Since then I’ve participated in 18 events, walked over 1k miles and raised over $41k for my charity. What’s even more amazing is that I met Karla in 2017 at the San Diego 3-Day. We got married a year later in Carlsbad, CA. I may update our wedding site (dk4.life) one of these days with a more extensive summary of our story.

Over the years I’ve picked up a love for snowboarding, drone and iPhone photography, riding my OneWheel around Downtown Raleigh and walking around checking out new downtown places with Karla.

I’ll leave it at that for now, and the next time I update this may be a decade later. 😂

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