Bamboo Growth

I’m fascinated with the rate of growth of bamboo, so much that I’ve decided to chart the growth and compare day growth to night growth. I’m doing the best I can to measure the bamboo (since it first broke ground) at 8am and 8pm. Below is the ongoing growth of this particular sprout and a […]

Aquatica with the fam

Jarrett will be leaving in 9 days to spend 6 weeks in Texas with his dad and his dad’s family. We have had season passes for Aquatica for a couple months now and decided it would be fun to go for a few hours this morning. For the record, Aquatica is one of the better […]

Beautiful Day

Jarrett asked if he could go out and jump on the trampoline and we have a rather relaxed morning schedule (nothing to do) so he was released to the outdoors! After about 15 minutes I got jealous and came outside to chill. As it turns out, it’s a beautiful day outside today! I’m sure it […]