Oops Ears

Alright, I might brag a little bit here. This was a total fluke. I was taking a picture of Gayle and I, where you hold the camera out in front of you and point the camera back without being able to see the view finder, and I forgot the zoom was in. With that mistake […]

Lobster Claws

Yet another picture taken in Puerto Rico in the summer of 2008 during our vacation there. This was out in the middle of nowhere and we spotted these cool…..flowers? Somebody was calling them lobster claws. I did another fun picture (different angle) where I removed all the color except the claws themselves. Fun, but not […]

Fern Canopy

Puerto Rico was full of great photo opportunities. This was taken at the National Forest Welcome Center in Puerto Rico. No special filters, just fun focus.    

Palm in PR

This was one of many cool pics I took while in Puerto Rico on vacation in the summer of 2008. I don’t remember what camera I used for this nor if/what filters were applied. It’s a pretty raw shot. I thought this would make a cool puzzle so I actually had one made for my […]


I took this picture with my old Sony DSC-T1 while we were in Puerto Rico. I love this picture for a few reasons. The first and most obvious being because of the breast cancer ribbon. Second, because it’s Gayle’s breast cancer ribbon tattoo, and third, because of the depth of field. This is actually Gayle’s […]