Eye of the Tiger

I took this picture outside in our back yard with good sunlight. It wasn’t easy getting Kilo to sit still long enough to get a good close up focused picture. I believe I took this with my iPhone 3GS at the time and I applied at least one or two filters using the PS Express […]

Turtle in the Sand

This was taken on some random trip to the beach. I saw Gayle’s foot standing in the sand and thought it would be funny to take a picture of a turtle tattoo in the sand. I wasn’t too impressed with the picture until I added the Tilt Shift effect. I believe this was taken with […]

Magnolia in summer

Magnolia flower in our back yard This was taken in the morning of June 3rd, 2011. I went in the back yard for some reason or another, and I could smell the Magnolia scent in the air. If you’ve ever smelled a Magnolia bloom, it is quite unique. Our Magnolia tree is rather young and […]