I may be bad at writing up blog posts but one thing you can probably count on, the topics I do write on are probably great! This one takes me back to high school.

When I was 15 years old, I had an opportunity to buy a 1967 VW Bug for $500. I used savings bonds and purchased the vehicle and in the coming months, my dad helped me bring it to life. My dad had been a mechanic working largely on VW engines. I worked along side him while he rebuilt the engine and I did my part painting applicable parts. Once it was running we got the car home and started working on the body and (some) interior. It ended up with a rather loud stereo, neon under the chassis and a rag top. Some I went to high school with remember my car better than me. I’m ok with that.

When I got my first real job after high school, I also got what I thought was a real car (Honda Civic). The Bug (Casper) ended up sidelined and sitting, for years, initially outside. The rag top deteriorated and rust started to pop. I did eventually start putting it under cover, in garages where I lived, in storage if a garage wasn’t available. I essentially dragged my high school car around with me for 2 decades.

That brings me to current day (2019). I have an amazing job, even better wife, and a local VW restoration shop that is nationally known with projects in VW magazines. Transporter Werks is now on the job and as soon as they’re done moving to their new facility, the White VW Bug I purchased in 1995 will be under an official restoration!

I’ll probably not update this blog post again but you can follow the progress of the restore via a dedicated Instagram account below:

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