Jarrett will be leaving in 9 days to spend 6 weeks in Texas with his dad and his dad’s family. We have had season passes for Aquatica for a couple months now and decided it would be fun to go for a few hours this morning.

For the record, Aquatica is one of the better water parks in Central Florida in my opinion, however, I have a hard time understanding how they can charge as much as they do for a single day ticket. I guess if you’re from out of town, you’ve budgeted for it. If you’re local, you should spend the extra little bit of money and convert your day pass to a season pass.

So we headed out this morning around 9:30 for Altamonte to pick up Jet from his grandparent’s house. We ended up at the park around 11. We rode a few of the slides/rides, hung out in the lazy river, then chilled in the beach chairs while Jet played on the HUGE kids play area.

I have one main takeaway from this trip. It’s effing HOT!

That brings me to now. I’ve been working on getting the “Buy Print” button to properly show up on my Magnolia picture (and any other pictures I upload and feel are worth of being purchased). I learned the FotoMoto system works like this. You upload a picture that fits your page/post. You don’t want to resize the picture with HTML as the FotoMoto toolbar won’t show up. If somebody purchases a print, I’ll get an email asking for the original so the print will be the best quality possible. With that, the images on my web page are not of the quality you want for printing. You will need to go through the print buying process so you get the best output possible.

Dinner decision. Maybe a TV show or movie with my wife, then bed.

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