I’ve been in the Internet industry for 14 years and this is only the beginning of my 2nd website. Back in 1998 I registered the domain hamptonin.com and developed my first page while I was attending technical classes in Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve managed to retain that site for posterity and is now available again at http://old.hamptonin.com. I’m sure there is lots broken, but you get the idea. In this modern world of technology, I’m now using WordPress. I never evolved into a web designer from that first site and WordPress makes putting a full featured content rich site together very easily. I hope you enjoy!

Just a quick blurb about myself. I’m 34 years old, married to my beautiful wife, Gayle and we have a 11 year old son, Jarrett. We live in Central Florida where I was born and raised. I am a Systems Manager at a local Internet Service Provider in charge of our Internet operations as well as many aspects of our Information Technology integration team and Communications department. I’ve been with this company for almost 8 years now. Gayle is currently a paralegal for a local law firm holding employment with her company about the same duration as mine. She is also attending the Orlando Stenotype Institute and is blazing through her studies.

Gayle and I are very much involved in the breast cancer community. After losing her best friend in 2008 to breast cancer, Gayle formed a team (Kimpossible) and the inaugural group walked in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For the Cure in Tampa, FL. Jarret and I supported the team that weekend and as a result of that weekend, I decided I needed to join in on the fight. I’ve now walked in two of the Tampa 3-Day events (120 miles in total!) and I was recently selected to be in the 60-Mile Men calendar as Mr. October, 2012. I love my breast cancer community and I love being a part of what will soon be a cure for breast cancer. Read more about our team at http://continuekimsfight.com. To find out more about the 60-Mile Men, go to http://www.60milemen.org. To order a 2012 60-Mile Men calendar, go to http://ckf.me/60mm.

I have also recently picked up mountain biking. In my youth, I raced BMX and was really quite good at it if I can be honest without coming across as cocky. My dad was extremely supportive driving me down to Orlando several times a week for practice and races, around the state and even the east coast of the US going to races. In my prime, I was 1st in the state for my age group and 12th in the nation. At the age of 12 I decided I had enough and I resigned. Quitting BMX is the biggest regret I have in life. In the years following my departure from BMX emerged the X-Games and BMX was also introduced to the Olympics.

I’ve always wanted to get a bike again but just never too the leap. It wasn’t until after I saw my good friends Tom and Amy riding their new bikes that I realized it was time. I’ve been riding every other weekend or so since and I love it. I’m finding I have retained my balance and many skills I established in BMX which has made trail riding that much more enjoyable. I don’t expect it to become much more than a hobby and a way to get out and enjoy nature, but it’s fun, good exercise, and great stress relief!

It’s also worth briefly mentioning that Gayle and I are certified SCUBA divers, though we haven’t been diving in years. The marine world was also a passion of mine growing. Getting SCUBA certified only made sense. Hopefully we’ll get our feet wet again here soon and get some dives in.

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